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Ginger Rue is the author of Brand-New Emily, Jump, and the forthcoming Tig Ripley (Sept. 2016) and Aleca Zamm series (June 2017). She is a former advice columnist for a teen magazine and has written for publications including Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Girls’ Life, and Family Circle. She is currently a contributing editor for Guideposts. Ginger lives in Alabama, where she and her husband and kids enjoy Crimson Tide football and somehow manage to endure the summer humidity.

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  • I LOOOOOOOVED your book Brand-New Emily!!!!!!

  • HI HI! The VERY first book I got was Brand New Emily! Is that and Jump your only books? And where in the south do you live? Write back soon! THX!

  • i love the book Brand New Emily

  • Hi Ms. Rue (Ginger)-whatever you prefer. I am a 6th grader in California and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book Brand-New Emily. I was so surprised when I read it was your first book because it was great with lots of detail. The story really taught me that if i want to be noticed and decide to create a new image for myself i HAVE to remember that it’s like a character and not actually the real me. Also, to remember who I really am. When Emily got chosen to be in Delts she was so excited and did whatever she could to make the other girls happy. For example, the part in the book where she is mean to Susan. The main lesson that I learned from this book is not care about what other people think and it’s best to be yourself. I really want this story to be turned into a movie. Hopefully, I can read your book Jump soon. I hope to read all of your future books. Thank you so much for such a great book!
    P.S. Your my new favorite author and I mean it!!!!!

  • OMG!!!!! Can’t believe she emailed me back! THX again Ms. Rue!!!!

  • I love love love your book Brand-New Emily!!!!!! It taught me sooooooo much about surviving middle school!!!!!! I can’t wait to read your other books!!!!! I Picked up Brand-Emily at our middle school book fair. KeeP writing, you’re great!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I loved your book! it was amazing and taught me so much! I have recomended it to so many people and have written a school report on it! Im reading it again for the third time and cant wait to get my hands on all of your other books! You are seriously my alltime favorite author!!!! love you! <3 =D

  • I LOVE your Brand- New Emily book! I got it at our school’s bookfair and I chose your book to do a book report on in Reading. I kno your book has inspired me and I hope it continues to inspire others 🙂
    P.S I want to be a writer and I am inspired by you. 🙂

  • Ginger, I am friends with the librarian at Olive, the school where you sent the package. Did you know that when your book JUMP arrived, the little girl who emailed you just happened to be in the library at the time? The librarian was thrilled that you sent that book. I teach at Berryhill (also in Oklahoma) and was wondering if you are writing any new books. Judy Mann

    • Hey, Judy! Thanks for sharing that with me–how awesome! I am working on some new stuff…wish me luck! Thanks again for getting in touch.

  • I am currently making an English project for Brand New Emily. I’m not really into reading, but my school librarian and I are absolutely obsessed.

  • Kendra and Emily

    Ginger, I just want to tell you, I love Brand-New Emily and I want to read “Jump”. It sounds really good! You should make some more great books!

    this is her friend and I haven’t read the book but she keeps telling me to so it must be good!

  • Hi! I read “Brand-New Emily” shortly after it came out and loved it from the beginning. I recommend it to everyone. I really related to Emily because I went through the same experience from about 3rd grade on up(I’m 15 now). I’m even a writer. I’m writing my own book and I’m up to chapter six. Whenever I’m having a hard time I read your book and it gives me inspiration to come up with creative ideas on how to face my problems because I wasn’t exaggerating when j said I went through the exact same experience. I guess I jut wanted to show my appreciation for your book and show my gratitude for sharing it with people. Also j know you probably get this a lot but I love it when books like this have sequels. Would you ever consider doing that?

    • Thanks for saying hello! And good luck with your book…just keep your character in trouble all the time. Conflict is everything! No sequel for BNE at this time. Maybe someday!

  • Sorry my name is Emily not Emilu

  • And you live in the south!? I do too! I live in a small town in Florida.

  • I know this is a lot of comments…im sorry and in sure you get his request a lot but I have an Instagram and YouTube completely dedicated to books and writing. If you are interested you can check them out. The name for both of them is totallybookin

  • Hi, i was wondering if there is a Brand New Emily 2 because i just finished the book and im really eager to read a number two. I love the book i couldn’t stop reading. please let me know if there is more books about Brand New Emily. Im also wondering about Jump and that im hearing a lot of good reviews and im having trouble finding the book i also want to read that. Please reply back ASAP also please. 🙂

    • Hi! No, there’s no EMILY 2, I’m afraid. But thank you for asking! I think JUMP is out of print but available on Kindle…maybe ask your local library if they have it or can borrow it from another collection if they don’t. Let me know what you think! Thanks for saying hello!

  • I tried to order your book “Brand-New Emily” on Amazon, but it looks as though they no longer carry it. Do you know where else I might be able to order it from?

    • Hi, Jana. BNE is out of print. Your local library might be able to get a copy temporarily if they don’t have it in their collection. Thanks!

  • I know I’m super late but I loved this book sooooo much!! Would you consider making the book into a series? I would absolutely love to read more about Emily and what happens next!! If you are please do!!!!

    • Hi, Margot! My publisher for EMILY is no longer in business, so it would be unlikely at this point, but thanks for reading! I hope you’ll like my new TIG RIPLEY series that launches in September. Thanks for getting in touch!

  • I found “Brand New Emily” in a book-sharing bookcase at the Greyhound waiting room in Washingto, DC. I loved it, for the story, and for the values it promotes.

  • Dear Ms. Rue,

    My daughter and I just finished the second Tig Ripley book. We loved them both, and we can’t wait to see what happens with the band, and to learn more about Reagan’s development as a character.

    I am especially grateful that your book has opened my daughter up to the idea of different music genres, which means that my spouse and I have had fun exposing her to “our music.”

    My daughter Phoebe wants to know when the third book will be published. Perhaps you are working on it now! Please keep us posted.

    Your loyal fans in Connecticut,
    Melissa and Phoebe

    • Oh, hey! We aren’t sure yet if we’re doing a third TIG book, but your note makes me want to talk to my editor about it! Thanks so much!


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