Are Fictional Characters Really Fictional?

I’m often asked whether the characters in my books are based on real people. The answer is no. And yes.

Writers are influenced by everything and everyone around them. Ideas come from any number of sources. When I create characters, oftentimes I am inspired by something about a particular person and then use that nugget of inspiration to flesh out a completely different character.

My novels draw inspiration from my experiences growing up, and most of them are in some way inspired by my experiences as teacher. There might be certain things about certain students I taught that I found interesting and later incorporated into my characters, but the characters remain completely fictional.

The other day at the airport, I ran into a woman who’d graduated from high school with me. I went over and said hello, which is kind of funny because in high school, I don’t think we ever spoke. She was cool and popular and I was…well, neither of those! I knew who she was but never had a class or a conversation with her. She was surprised when I told her that a character in my first novel, Brand-New Emily, owed something to her. This real-life person has a distinctive facial birthmark that was the envy of all the girls in our class, and I’d given a similar birthmark to a beautiful female character in Emily. When I told her about it, she said, Mean Girls style, “Why are you so obsessed with me?!” Then she called her lawyer to get a restraining order in place. Nah, I’m just kidding! She was really nice. I just wanted to show you how writers operate. Ha ha. See how I took that one real thing about her but made the rest up? That’s what I do…all the time.

The other day one of my daughters asked me if a new character of mine wore her hair in a braid. When she pictured the character, she explained, the character had a fishtail braid. Cool, I said. But does she have a braid or not? my daughter asked. I had to tell her I didn’t know. I’d never really thought about her hair at all! She was shocked that I didn’t have a clear picture of the character, but the truth is, I don’t really “see” the characters I create as if they’re acting out a movie in my head. Most of the time, I just have more of a feel for who they are.

And who they are may have a small part to do with a character trait, idiosyncrasy, or physical aspect of someone I know or have observed.

Or not.




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  • Thanks, Ginger. I hope to learn more and more about writing fiction. I love that you have more of a feel for who your characters are.

  • I am all about the characters! Mine seemed to develop totally on their own without much help from me. I would have a really nice, concise outline and then one character would go off on a lark. Sometimes I would have to yank them back to the task at hand. Sometimes, though, they would do something, go somewhere, say something or have an idea that moved the plot along better or developed another character better than what I had in mind.

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