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In Which I Juxtapose a Metal Power Ballad and Writing Instruction

Remember the 80s hair band Cinderella? Sure you do. Their lead singer had that awesome screeching voice and everything they did was so marvelously loud. They rocked! And do you also remember when all the metal bands went through the power ballad phase and Cinderella sang that one about writing called, “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”?

OK, that song wasn’t really about writing. But it could’ve been. Because that’s the song that has been playing on repeat in my head the past few weeks as I search for old copies of Writing! magazine. Continue reading ‘In Which I Juxtapose a Metal Power Ballad and Writing Instruction’

And Absolutely No Pictures Were Taken


Last week, I was invited to speak to Dr. Beenken’s creative writing class at Mountain Brook Junior High. As with most school visits, it was fun and the time went by quickly. So quickly, in fact, that when I left, I thought, “Oh, I forgot to take any pictures!”

I do that a lot. And I think it’s because, deep down, I sort of hate taking pictures or videos. Maybe it’s because I don’t like photographs of myself. Whenever I get one of those “So-n-So tagged you in a photo” messages from Facebook, I feel a little sick inside. Whenever anyone pulls out a camera, I instantly feel awkward and uncomfortable, and it shows in the picture. (People make fun of models sometimes, but I’m telling you, these people have a real skill–I’ve seen them in photo shoots and it’s amazing how they can strike tremendously awkward poses without feeling the least bit self-conscious.) And it’s not just pictures: you should hear how ridiculous I sound whenever I have to leave a voicemail message; I pretty much ramble on until the beep and then groan, wondering what drivel just came out of my mouth.

I don’t know. I guess something about preserving moments through technology just inevitably alters those moments. Continue reading ‘And Absolutely No Pictures Were Taken’

MOMS’ NIGHT OUT Would Make a Great Moms’ Night In

I hope I didn't injure the other members of the press when I trampled them in order to stand next to Patricia Heaton in this photo.  LURVE Patricia Heaton!

I hope I didn’t injure the other members of the press when I trampled them in order to stand next to Patricia Heaton in this photo. LURVE Patricia Heaton!

Just got an email yesterday that the movie Moms’ Night Out is releasing on DVD. Such a fun movie!  I had the opportunity to meet the cast and interview the lovely Sarah Drew during filming…you can read her inspiring story here. At the time, I wasn’t a completely sucked-in uber-fan of The Middle, which is probably good because if I had been, I might have screamed, “I love you, Frankie Heck!” and tried to hug Patricia Heaton.  Probably not the most professional of moves, right?  (But how could you not love Patricia Heaton? She’s HI-larious!…Now, lower your head and whisper “HI-larious,” Brick-style.) Here are a few pics from the MNO set. If you’re a mom, I urge you to gather some of your other mom friends and have a Moms’ Night Out movie night.  You’ll love it. It will make you laugh, cry, and feel really, really good about the AMAZING job you are doing!

Hanging with Samwise

Hanging with Samwise


Never stand next to anyone as gorgeous as Sarah Drew in a photo if you can help it!

Never stand next to anyone as gorgeous as Sarah Drew in a photo if you can help it!

What Do Emma Stone and I Have in Common?

The September 2011 issue of Teen Vogue!

OK, so her pic is on the cover, and my name is a little byline on page 98…but still!  This magazine is always so well put-together–both the photography/art and the content.  I’m really thrilled to have this clip.  And it was a fascinating article to research; I interviewed some outstanding experts as well as some very intelligent young women.  You can read the article by clicking here.  Feel free to leave a comment, of course.  The editors are great and would love to hear from you.

Be a JUMP Starter!

Even in the Internet Age, the best buzz a book can get is still word-of-mouth.  Get some real people behind your book and they’ll help you promote it.  At least, that’s what my publisher and I are hoping!

That’s why we came up with the idea for JUMP Starters.  JUMP Starters will be 25 people who will be selected to help spread the word about JUMP in their communities.  They’ll receive a free kit in the mail with a copy of the novel, a poster of the book jacket, and bookmarks to hand out to whomever they choose.  If they can convince a bookstore or library in their town to hang up the poster, and then send me a picture of themselves beside the poster, they’ll get another freebie:  a JUMP t-shirt.  And let me just say that this is a pretty cool t-shirt:  a crimson color similar to the background on the book jacket, with yellow print.  I have to pay for mine, but JUMP Starters will get theirs FREE!

Interested?  All you have to do is stop by the blog here on October 1st and leave a comment that you’d like to be a JUMP Starter.  The first 25 people from 25 different states are in like Flynn.  (I’m not sure who Flynn is, but apparently, he is very “in.”)  The reason for the 25-different-states thing is simple:  I personally know every single person in the states of Alabama and Mississippi and have already tried to hand sell my book to each of them.  Just kidding.  I know only about 99.9% of them.  I need some geographic diversity!

So, I hope to see you back here on October 1st.  The contest opens at 12 a.m. Central time, because I’m in Central time, and I can’t do the math to calculate the time zone differences.  (That’s why I became a writer.)  Hope you’ll join in the fun!

Happy Birthday, JUMP!


September 14 was the big day.  Celebrated with a launch party at Tuscaloosa Academy (the wonderful school where, for eight years,  I taught hundreds of students I love dearly to this day).  Books-A-Million sold lots of copies, cake was eaten, and I got to hang out with so many of my awesome friends!  Here’s a pic of me with Slaven from BAM.  I’d like to go on record as clarifying that I am NOT grabbing his butt, a gesture I’m sure his wife would not appreciate!  (I never know how to pose correctly for pictures!)  Thanks to everyone who came out for the party!

How Accurate Is BRAND-NEW EMILY?


Shortly after I completed the last edit of Brand-New Emily, I discovered a hilarious take on the Hollywood machine: The A-List Playbook by Leslie Gornstein. Leslie is an online columnist for the E! network and has a show on satellite radio where she answers questions about celebrities. I recently interviewed Leslie to find out everything you need to know about how the entertainment industry works and how you, like Emily, can apply that knowledge to your own life.

Ginger: How are middle school and high school like Hollywood?
Leslie: The main similarity is the way rumors work in Hollywood and the way rumors work in middle school. When something is repeated enough, it becomes reality. Continue reading ‘How Accurate Is BRAND-NEW EMILY?’