Making Book Gifts Super Fun

I’m the aunt who gives books.

It’s not always easy being the aunt who gives books. Because at birthday parties, when the nieces and nephews are opening every manner of shiny new toys, it’s not like the kiddos get crazy excited over unwrapping a book. Yes, I know that, later, when the house is quiet and the bells and whistles of show-stopping toys have taken a rest or become old hat, my gifts will create cozy memories of parent/child bonding that will live forever in memory. But in the heat of the party, in that frenzy of unwrapping, it’s hard to remember how special a book gift is. Sometimes I can almost hear the sad trombone playing wah-wah as my niece or nephew says, “It’s a book.”

That’s why I’ve come up with a plan.

No, I will not stop giving books! I am that aunt! But I’ve figured out a way to get in a few bells and whistles, too. I’ve started creating themed presents around a book.

Recently, I gave my three-year-old nephew I Don’t Want to Be a Frog along with a game related to frogs that introduces small children to principles of physics as they attempt to balance frogs on a log. Full disclosure: he seemed to like the Paw Patrol stuff other relatives gave him better, but is Paw Patrol teaching him physics? Huh? Huh? Actually, I have no idea. I’ve never seen Paw Patrol. Maybe they are. But you get my point. If that frog in the book had a TV show, my gift would’ve brought down the house, I’m sure.

I did a little better with my niece’s fifth birthday, which just happened to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Fancy Nancy. To say that this present was a hit would be an understatement.

Here’s what I did….

fancy 1

I individually wrapped several gifts relating to the book. As you might imagine, just the sight of all those gifts created eager anticipation.

On each gift was a small sticky note with a number on it. The numbers corresponded to sticky notes with numbers I’d placed inside the text of the book.

fancy 2My niece and I sat together and read the book, and whenever she got to a sticky note with a number, she got to peel it off and open the present with the same number.

She ended up with quite a lot of loot. fancy 3 A few days later, my sister-in-law texted to let me know that my adorable little niece was currently enjoying her ice cream with sprinkles in her new fancy parfait dish.

And so, literature comes alive! Not to mention that my niece needed sparkly sunglasses and a pink feather boa, because she is fabulous!

And so are books.


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  • Wow. I love this!!! I’m stalking your blog, and I’d like to know how to subscribe… because I don’t want or need a post every day, but I love your thoughts on writing and living, and I’m pretty sure I’d benefit from a weekly-ish dose of wisdom.

    Incidentally, I want you to know I am a mom (the last one to comment on your home page), so that you’re not alarmed by some kid fan stalking you, lol.

    Keep up the good work, and please do lmk if I can subscribe.


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